My Story

Born in Guinea-Bissau to a tailor mother and a footballer father, Luis Antonio Soares Cassama always enjoyed the best of both worlds. At the tender age of 6, Luis was already helping his mother tailoring. He remembers "my mum used to always make our clothes, for me, my brother and cousin, we used to always dress well". Around this time, Luis' mother passed way, pushing him to move to Portugal and beginning a career in professional football. In 1990, at 16 years of age, Luis signed his first contract for the Portuguese team, Boa Vista FC. During his 12 year stint, he played for the Portuguese National team for under 16s and 21s. After various injuries, in 2000, Luis decided to put an end to his stuttering career when he moved to France, where he played his last season for Grenoble FC.

Shortly after, Luis started working at 'Premier Avenue', a fashion store in Grenoble, which sold big brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Viviene Westwood, Paul Smith and Yohji Yamamoto. At this stage, fashion was no longer just a hobby, but a dream Luis wanted to pursue. In 2005, Luis moved to Leeds, England, where he worked 2 jobs to save money to start his own brand. Luis' previous fashion experience led him to work at a vintage store, where he gained in-depth experience and knowledge about tailoring and fashion. Luis then met, his now wife, Agatha Cassama (also a tailor) during one of many visits to her shops to get his clothes fitted. The brand Luis Cassama is about accurate tailoring and high quality fabrics to ensure a unique and classic style.